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Advanced Embedded Technology


ARM7TDMI-S processor

  • Introduction, features and applications
  • Architecture (RISC & CISC), CPU core and Instruction set
  • Software Development –Keil µVision IDE
  • System peripherals and User peripherals
  • Interfacing with leds, lcd, matrix keypad, multiplexed 7 segment display
  • Working with Timers, Phase locked loop (PLL) and Interrupt programming
  • Working with system peripherals ADC, DAC, PWM, WDT, RTC
  • Working with Communication protocols UART, SPI, I2C, and USB/CAN
  • Interfacing with EEPROM, RTC, memory card and Touch screen.
  • Interfacing with Sensors IR, ULTRASONIC, LDR, TEMPERATURE SENSOR, GPS, GSM, ZIGBEE, RFID, Gas Sensor
  • Motor Control: RELAY, PWM, DC MOTOR
  • Materials: Hand tailored book and Evaluation Board (LPC2148).