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Advanced Embedded Technology



  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Working with ATmega328PU using embedded c
  • Introduction to ARDUINO IDE
  • Installing Arduino and Drivers.
  • Overview of the Development Board.
  • Specific Microcontroller Features (ATMega 328)
  • Memory Organization of ATMega328PU
  • Interfacing with LED, LCD, Switch, Keypad, Buttons and Seven Segment display Interfacing
  • Working with system peripheral like ADC, Timer, PWM and Interrupts.
  • Working with Communication protocols like I2C, SPI and UART
  • Interfacing with External peripherals like IR, ULTRASONIC, LDR, TEMPERATURE SENSOR, GPS, GSM, zigbee, RFID, Gas Sensor
  • Robot controlled by mobile phones and DTMF technology
  • Gesture Based Robot controlled by hand gestures using accelerometer sensor
  • Swarm Robots that communicate using radio frequencies to work together
  • Working in different Robots like Line Follower Robot, Obstacle Follower, Photo tropic Robot, Obstacle Avoide, Pit robot , Robot shuttler , Photo Detector, and White Tracker